Ron Stolberg Ph.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist PSY 19950


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I am the coauthor (with my psychologist wife) of the award winning book: Teaching Kids to Think: Raising Confident, Independant, & Thoughful Children in an Age of Instant Gratification.

Teaching Kids to Think has been published in over 10 foreign countries and languages landing on the best seller list in several of them.


I am a regular contributer to Psychology Today, here are some of my recent articles:


Stolberg, R. (2023). How Overscheduling Prevents Skill Development.  

Stolberg, R. (2022, October 3). Parents Have Grown Accustomed to Instant Gratification.  

Stolberg, R. (2022, August 11). Let Your Children Practice Solving Their Own Dilemmas.

Stolberg, R. (2022, May 11). Fun Ways to Teach Emotion Regulation Skills to Your Children.  

Stolberg, R. (2022, April 3). Our Phones Might Be Smart but What About Us?  

Stolberg, R. (2022, February 23). Child Attachment Styles and Insights for Parenting.  

Stolberg, R. (2021, October 29). Tips for a safe Halloween After a Year Off.  

Stolberg, R. (2021, October 1). Four Ways Parents Can Increase Confidence in Their Children.  


I write a regualr collumn for the Eye on PSI CHI Magazine titled Student Health. PSI CHI is the National Honor Society for Psychology students. 

Stolberg, R. (2023). Psychological Theory can explain why the college experience is so good for you. Eye on Psi Chi Volume 27 (3) 21-22. 

Stolberg, R. (2022). Mental Health Stress is on the Rise at Universities Nationwide: What You Need to Know About Your College Counseling Center. Eye on Psi Chi Volume 27 (2) 18-19. 

Stolberg, R. (2022). Tips for First-Generation College Students. Eye on Psi Chi Volume 27 (1) 16-17.

Stolberg, R. & Stolberg, A. (2022). Four Tips for Balancing High Academic Standards and Mental Health Needs in College and University Students. Eye on Psi Chi Volume 26 (3) 20-23. 


Select Recent Media/Interviews (2022, December 7). I'm a psychologist who helped cast 'Survivor' for years. I weeded out people who might be dangerous or unstable under pressure — here's what I looked for in contestants. (2012, September 7). “Digital Self-Harm Is on the Rise Among Teens: What Parents Can Do to Help. (2012, September 9). “Digital Self-Harm Is on the Rise Among Teens: What Parents Can Do to Help. (2022, June 15). Risky Doesn’t Mean Dangerous: How Adventure Can Help Children’s Mental Health. (2022, May 26). How Does Moving to a New School Affect Teens? (2022, February 2). What are the Dos and Don’ts of Talking with a Preschooler about Death? (2021, June 8). Naomi Osaka's Anxiety Concerns Make Perfect Sense (2022, January 12). Father Cancels Daughter’s Sweet 16 After She Doesn’t Stick to Her Promises, Family Drama Ensues. (2021, June 13). There’s a Frenzy for Summer School, but it May Not be Enough.  

The Washington Post (2021, April 23). Kids Need Less Academic Pressure and More Support After a Year of Isolation and Learning Losses. (2021, April 16). Marriage After Kids: 7 big Ways a Baby Changes a Relationship. (2020, August 6). Mom Doesn’t Think Her Teen’s Online Friends Are ‘Real’ Friends; She Is So Wrong. 

The Washington Post. (2020, May 28). The pandemic has parents working harder than ever — and quarantines mean kids might actually see it. (2020, May 19). How Kids Understand Time Affects Their Quarantine Experience, Experts Say. (2020, June 1). Face Masks for Kids You Can Buy Online (In Fun Prints And Colors).  



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