Ron Stolberg Ph.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist PSY 19950


My Name is Dr. Ron Stolberg and I am a licensed Clinical Psychologist (PSY 19950). My office is located in Del Mar, just North of San Diego.

Picking the right therpaist can be a an overwhelming experience. You might have to do it during a crisis or an emergency. You may be worried about fees, location, picking live vs. digital sessions, and most importantly: Is the person I pick the best fit for me and my loved ones? I would be happy to help you with all these very important issues, even if we decide someone else is the best fit for you. I am a firm believer that the best psychologist for you is the one you feel the best about. I am a Family Therapist and believe that each member of the family is important, should be heard, and considered. Succesful Family Therpay usually involves everyone in the residence making small changes that result in big changes overall. I'm committed to creating a warm, receptive environmen where everyone can be vulnerable without fear of being judged or criticized. I have a few other specialities we can talk more about too. Please see below for a full list of my specialties.
I provide a wide range of quality services including:

·Individual Therapy for Children, Adolescents and Adults
·Family Therapy
·Learning Disability Evaluations
·Personality/Diagnostic Evaluations
-Fitness for Duty Evaluations (FFD)
-Public Speaking on a Variety of Psychology and Parenting Topics 
-Sport and Performance psychology 
To contact me please call or text (858)-382-8405
or e-mail